About Jessica

I am an International Life Activation Practitioner, Healer, and Chef who firmly believes in accessing your highest self, abundance, joy, and empowerment through alternative and natural methods. My focus lies in energy work, meditation, and spiritual healing as powerful tools for life empowerment, manifestation, and alignment. Guiding and empowering individuals in finding their unique path and living their desired reality is my innate passion. I assist people from all walks of life in breaking through barriers, overcoming blocks, and healing from traumas. My approach emphasizes the integration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy to foster self-love, healing, and self-acceptance.

My sensitivity, once seen as a challenge, has become my greatest strength. As I delved deeper into self-understanding, I discovered an innate gift for healing. Today, I continually learn and refine my skills to craft tools that promote self-love and hold sacred space for others on their transformative journeys. Throughout my life, I have faced numerous challenges, including addiction, substance abuse, sexual abuse, body dysmorphia, suicidal ideation, obsessive-compulsive disorder, disordered eating, abortion, codependency, and childhood trauma. It is through the healing modalities I offer that I have found my own path to overcoming these challenges.

My personal healing journey began in 2015 when I sought recovery assistance through both inpatient and outpatient programs. During my recovery, I discovered strength in healing, public speaking, and leadership. I took on roles as a chairwoman for groups, sharing my experiences on sensitive, empowering, and traumatic topics, offering support to individuals from all walks of life on their personal journeys. These experiences have given me a voice, which I choose to use compassionately, drawing upon my own understanding and lived experiences to communicate authentically about deep and real topics.

Throughout my journey, I have come to realize the profound impact of not only what we feed our minds but also what we feed our bodies. I weave my passion for nourishment into my teachings, coaching, and healing, assisting individuals in cultivating a healing relationship with food and their bodies. Healing has completely transformed my life, empowering me with gratitude for the path I am on. It is my sincere wish to support and guide you in transforming your own life, leading you towards your desired and empowered reality.

Jessica Réa

There is a healer in all of us. It is our divine right. It belongs to us. Allow me to help guide you in embracing yours.


  • 2nd Step Initiate of the King Solomon Lineage
  • Modern Mystery School Student
  • Ensofic Ray Reiki Practitioner
  • Life Activation Practitioner
  • Sacred Geometrical Crystal Healer
  • Max Meditation System™ Guide
  • USUI Reiki L1 and L2
  • Distant USUI Reiki Healing
  • Public Speaking and Space Holding
  • Event Promotion, Management and Organization
  • Aura and Chakra Healing
  • Distant Ensofic Reiki