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Ensofic Ray Reiki: Healing for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Experience the transformative power of Ensofic Ray Reiki, a healing modality that accelerates the healing process by aligning your body, soul, and spirit. This realignment brings your body back into balance, activating its innate ability to heal itself.
Reiki has the remarkable ability to flow to where it is most needed, creating a sense of balance, safety, and tranquility within you. Whether received in person or remotely, Ensofic Ray Reiki works as a cleansing ray of light, restoring your cells to their original state. It targets the physical body, the aura, emotions, and the energetic field, offering holistic healing on multiple levels.

While Ensofic Reiki is particularly beneficial for physical body healing, it also extends its healing effects to the mental, spiritual, and emotional realms. A single session can be powerful and beneficial, but to achieve optimal results, I recommend a package of three sessions.

For a comprehensive healing experience, a Reiki session can be combined with crystal, chakra, and aura healings, enhancing the energetic and transformative effects.

Ways in which Ensofic Ray Reiki can assist you:

  • Physical healing
  • Access to your full energetic potential
  • Reduced inflammation and digestive issues
  • Decreased anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Guidance and support to break negative thought and behavioral patterns
  • Increased health and vitality
  • Energetic support in any situation
  • Clarity of mind and purpose
  • Awakening a deeper desire for life and unleashing unlimited potential
  • Heightened vibration of the body, releasing lower energies that cause illness
  • Restoration of internal unity
  • Release of old wounds and suffering held within the body
  • Alignment of body, soul, and spirit for absolute harmony
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Emotional healing and recovery from physical injuries
  • Stress and pain relief
  • Increased clarity and tranquility
  • Transmutation of negativity and negative ego
  • Infusion of pure passion and joy
  • Heightened physical and energetic intuition
  • Increased capacity for romance
  • Enhanced ability to recreate yourself
  • Mental and spiritual clarity
  • Boosted self-confidence and hope
  • Release of bad habits and thoughts
  • Healing for traumatic experiences

Allow the transformative energy of Ensofic Ray Reiki to guide you on a journey of healing, restoration, and empowerment.

What People Are Saying

Cassidy Portrait

Cassidy - YouTuber and Influencer

Intuitive Coaching and Reiki

"During my sessions, Jess allowed me to take up space, and afterwards, I felt like I was able to receive her tools, which would equip me to take on struggles in the future."

Sara Portrait

Sara - Social Media Manager

In-person and Distant Reiki

"Jess provides a safe space in which you feel comfortable to speak about any issue that is in your heart and soul. She provides insightful guidance and helpful tips moving forward. I am always left feeling at peace after a session with her."

Nabeelah Portrait

Nabeelah - Strategic Brand Communication


"Truly been feeling so much lighter, happier and more positive since the reiki session. I wasn’t longing for this like codependent thing that I always feel when we’re not together. I felt strong and fine."

Emily Portrait

Emily - Key Account Manager


"I am beyond grateful that Jess has introduced reiki into my life. I was initially a little sceptical and not 100% convinced of the benefits or how much of an impact a few reiki sessions could have on me but I decided to give it a chance last year March as I was curious, and I’m so glad I did! After just the first session I felt calmer and more level-headed. Every session after that built on that initial experience and got better and better. I felt more focused, less anxious, and more productive in my day to day. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was free to carry out my daily responsibilities without anything holding me back. I also felt I could connect with others easier as I felt more present and less in my head and anxious. Jess is extremely professional and knows how to create a safe space for her clients so that they feel they can just be themselves and relax. She is warm and empathetic, and lovingly welcomes you into her peaceful and ambient space which immediately evokes a sense of calm, and through a brief discussion helps you to hone in on a specific intention to focus on throughout the session. I highly recommend not only reiki, but also Jess in particular, to anyone considering embarking on this journey! Absolutely everyone can benefit enormously from a regular reiki practice."

Annabel Portrait

Annabel - Yoga Teacher


"I went to Jess for three incredibly transformative reiki sessions. Jess held space so beautifully and resorted my energy from a place of depletion to a place of hope and growth. Her gentle yet firm presence made me feel vulnerable enough to open up and let go, whilst still focusing on my own innate power to heal and grow. She planted seeds of expansion where I felt so stuck. She made me believe in myself, in the power of subtle energy, and in the power to change and grow. I feel that Jess is an extremely special soul who came to Earth with a purpose- to invite others to heal themselves and she is practicing this through her beautiful reiki sessions. Jess, I can't thank you enough for the love and healing that you poured into my body and mind. It was felt and treasured and carried me when I needed it most. Thank you. ♥️🙏"

Lauren Portrait

Lauren - Social Media Manager


"I was very fortunate enough to catch Jess when she was visiting Cape Town for a few months and decided to open up a Reiki studio and offer Reiki sessions part time for a few months during her stay. I was going through one of the hardest changes in my life and really struggling to adapt and move forward with things.. Jess reached out and introduced me to reiki. I experienced two reiki healing sessions with her and found them very powerful and emotional. After each session I felt a deep sense of relaxation and calmness due to her beautiful energy and reiki magic as well as more ‘light’ in my head and emotions. After the first session the following day I was very emotionally and cried quite a lot which helped with releasing and letting go of what I was struggling to come to terms with. I definitely think if Jessica had stayed in Cape Town I would have loved to have carried on with reiki with her as I think it really would have helped my emotional state and help delve in and release past traumas, including childhood ones that we only identify later on in life… Jessica is also amazing to chat to and so wise. She’s got kind and gentle energy and I think she makes the most wonderful reiki healer. I highly recommend booking a session with her and giving reiki a try! "

Tanita Portrait

Tanita - Chef and Founder of Herbiraw


"I have had the honor to experience many different healing modalities throughout my life, however I had never experienced Reiki until I found Jess. It is hard for me to completely open up to healers, yet I felt very comfortable under Jess's hands. I went for a weekly session, over a month, and It was an hour every week that I was able to release, let go and give myself a moment of self love. In today's stressful world, it's hard to have a complete break from the chaos and so, just that one hour with Jess was enough time to reboot, and re-energize. I was able to shift stagnant energy and relieve emotional stress that had built up and was stored in my body. I couldn't recommend Reiki more, to anyone who is in need of a moment of self, a moment of breath and a moment of connection, to your spiritial being."

Sarah Portrait

Sarah - Dj Producer


"My reiki session with Jessica was something I will never forget as it was the first time I was truly aware of my energy before and after a session. Having not done many reiki session in my lifetime I was sure to set a specific intention which was set to help me relive myself of a creative block I’d been struggling with. Her work allowed myself and my space to be free of my block. It is a pretty indescribable feeling, especially when your personal knowledge is not in depth on the healing process. It also relived some pain caused by an autoimmune which was an added bonus and something I may not have been aware was connected to my block if I had not been open to the session. I recommend anyone to open yourself up to Jess and her work."

Thalia Portrait

Thalia - Teacher


"Floating out of my first session with Jess changed my reality about the Reiki practice. Jeh.Kah. I didn’t believe someone could guide the flow of energy, but I certainly felt it when I was in this nurturing space – in Jess’s presence: Jessica exudes love and is wise beyond her years. An old soul who intuitively knows what your body needs to reduce stress and promote healing. Not only does Jess balance your chakras, but she calms your nervous system and connects your body with its spiritual energy. I felt connected to Spirit. “The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” ― Benjamin Disraeli. I have been to sessions with Jess that felt like 3 minutes although an actual hour had elapsed. Jess ‘holds’ you in a safe space. She senses your energy with the lightest touch. Tingling. Travelling. Teleporting. Surreal sensations for sure. Connect with Jeh.Kah. Connect with your highest self."

Kieran Portrait

Zafer - Engineer

Ensofic Reiki

"I recently experienced my first-ever Reiki healing session with Jess, and I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate impact it had on me. Following the session, I noticed a significant improvement in how I felt. I am genuinely grateful to Jess for this positive experience."

Kieran Portrait

Sasha Jade - Creative director & Marketing Manager

Ensofic Reiki

"I am beyond grateful for the incredible experience I had with @jessicarea.healing's Reiki work. Jessica's intuitive abilities are simply awe-inspiring. From the moment she placed her hands on me, I could feel her direct channel to the divine. Her touch seemed to unlock a hidden world of healing energy within me, gently dissolving any energetic blockages and restoring harmony to my entire being. It was as if she had a profound understanding of my needs even before I could articulate them. Jessica's remarkable ability to transmute energy left me feeling lighter, more balanced, and deeply connected to my inner self. If you are seeking a truly transformative healing experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica's Reiki treatments."