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Workshops: Let's Get Sensual

Elemental Senses and Alchemy-Based Workshop

Touch - Taste - Sight - Smell - Hear - Feel - Be

Embark on an alchemical awakening journey through our senses with our workshop, "Let's Get Sensual." In this exploration, we delve into various essences, foods, sounds, energies, and textures to awaken our senses and deepen our connection with self. The core purpose of this workshop is to bring awareness to our innate sensitivity and provide participants with practical tools to harness and honor their own sensitivity.

As humans, we often distract or occupy our senses through various vices, but this workshop is designed to awaken our ability to truly connect back to ourselves, allowing us to rest our nervous systems and embrace our true sensitivity. Our senses are the portals through which we interact with the world and experience life. By learning how to harness our own power and sensitivity, we empower ourselves to navigate any mood or resistance to change that may arise.

The "Let's Get Sensual" workshop offers three variations to cater to different clientele and events:

  • Energetic & Mindfulness: This variation focuses on energy work and mindfulness practices.
  • Spiritual & Shamanic: This variation incorporates spiritual and shamanic elements.
  • Sensual & Tantric: This variation delves into sensual and tantric practices.

This workshop is suitable for retreats, couples, small groups, or large groups, and can be tailored to private events or corporate settings.

Tools used in the workshop include aromatherapy, nourishment, energy work, self-healing techniques, music, dance, touch, movement, and chanting. Through these modalities, participants are invited to explore and embrace their senses, cultivating a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.