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In Person & Online: one on one or Group Sessions

Welcome to the world of meditation guided by a Max Meditation Guide. Allow me to hold space for you and guide you into a state of deep relaxation, thought management, inner peace, centeredness, enhanced focus, and heightened intuition. Whether in-person or online, I offer individual and group sessions tailored to meet your meditation needs.

The Max Meditation System™ is designed to teach meditation to individuals of all experience levels. Online sessions are offered by donation, and I warmly welcome both beginners and experienced meditators. Rest assured that I will be there with you every step of the way, ensuring that you fully relax, manage your thoughts, and reach a state of inner peace.

Drawing from ancient techniques learned from esteemed teachers in India and Tibet, the Max Meditation System™ blends various meditation methods to offer a truly effective and transformative practice. This unique system combines mastered techniques from around the world, creating a meditation experience that is both comprehensive and powerful.

The Max Meditation System™ consists of five stages:
  1. Body and Mind Relaxation Technique
  2. Passive Meditation
  3. Active Meditation
  4. Guided Meditation
  5. Returning to Body and Rejuvination

This class is often likened to a yoga session for the mind, as it encompasses a holistic approach to meditation. By incorporating these five components, the system ensures a complete and deeply relaxing experience.
Message me today to book your Max meditation session, or stay tuned on my Instagram page to find out when my next group meditation will take place.