Sacred Geometry Crystal Healing

Sacred Geometry Crystal Healing
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Sacred Geometrical healings offer a profound realignment of the sacred geometrical structure within your mind, soul, and body. This vibrational healing method serves as a catalyst to reconnect you with your true nature when you've veered out of alignment. Additionally, there are various crystal healing types available, each focusing on a different aspect of the self. While these healings are recommended together for a comprehensive experience, they can also be enjoyed individually. During the session, you have the opportunity to enhance, increase, or bring healing to three specific areas of focus. Through this unique healing experience, you will be guided into a deep meditative Theta state, facilitating a profound transformative journey.

The available areas of focus include:

  • Physical Body
  • Mind
  • Emotions
  • Empowerment
  • Libido Enhancement
  • Time Management
  • Internal Physical Problems
  • Mental Purity

As you receive this powerful healing, its effects will gracefully weave into your life, and soon you will begin to notice the positive shifts taking place. For an even more comprehensive healing experience, consider pairing the Sacred Geometrical Healings with Crystal, Aura, Ensofic Reiki, or Chakra healings.

What People Are Saying

Zafer Portrait

Zafer - Engineer

Crystal Healing

"There was a time I had a certain discomfort in my life. I was having an eye tick/twitch and unsure what the cause was. I spoke to a Jessica about it and she recommended a Crystal healing. It was an outstanding experience and it took a few days and my eye had stopped twitching and I was already experiencing the incredible outcomes."

Kieran Portrait

Ian - Motor Yacht Deck Hand

The Life Activation and Crystal Healing

“My 2023 ended with strong mental shifts. Making me feel lost in what I needed to do. Having Jess as a friend, I decided to reach out.
I did a crystal healing and a life activation. It helped me to clear my head and to look deep within myself to bring the emotions to the surface and let them out. Just sitting and talking with Jess afterwards makes you see things differently and she makes you realize what a good person you can be."