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Experience the transformative power of Sacred Geometrical healings as they realign the sacred geometrical structure of your mind, soul, and body. This unique vibrational healing method is designed to help you reconnect with your true nature when you've veered out of alignment. Our Sacred Geometrical healings encompass a range of crystal healing types, each focusing on a different aspect of the self. These holistic healings can be experienced together for a comprehensive rejuvenation or individually as per your preference. Through the synergy of crystals and chanting, this profound healing method penetrates deep into your mind and subconscious, soothing, releasing, and reawakening your inner essence.

Choose the One Focus Area that Resonates with You:

  • Good Fortune and Abundance - Experience the powerful energy of this healing to call in positive energy for your future, invite an influx of abundance, and manifest new opportunities. Whether you're seeking a new job or desiring a miraculous and magical shift in your life, this healing is specifically designed to bring you good fortune and open doors of abundance.
  • New Wounds - If you're carrying the weight of current wounds and seeking relief, this healing is for you. Whether you're navigating a heavy heart, going through a recent breakup, or healing from a traumatic experience, allow this transformative healing to clear away emotional pain and provide the soothing and relief you need.
  • Old Wounds - Release the attachments to past relationships, traumas, and lingering emotional pain with this healing. If you find yourself unable to let go of past experiences that continue to haunt you, this healing is tailored to help you heal old wounds. Discover a path to soothing and finding relief from negative emotional pains that have held you back.

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What People Are Saying

Zafer Portrait

Zafer - Engineer

Crystal Healing

"There was a time I had a certain discomfort in my life. I was having an eye tick/twitch and unsure what the cause was. I spoke to a Jessica about it and she recommended a Crystal healing. It was an outstanding experience and it took a few days and my eye had stopped twitching and I was already experiencing the incredible outcomes."

Kieran Portrait

Elizme - Graphic Designer and Business Owner

The Good Fortune Crystal Healing

"The Good Fortune Healing is a super powerful session. Again I wasn’t too sure what to expect, Jess has us both hold crystals and chanted her mantras. The crystals were electric. I could feel my hands beaming with energy. That evening my train of thought had already changed. When I returned home. I wasn’t looking to relax but it was if a bee in my bonnet needed to get to work. I was ready to change, to shift. I sorted out over 200 plants that haven’t been touched since my stomach tumour last year. It’s as if the stagnant energy was wiped away and so much emphasis and mph has come out of the good fortune healing. Now we are waiting for the money to roll in haha."